TV ShowsWith genre "action"

24Fox (US)60mn9 seasons204 episodes
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC (US)60mn7 seasons136 episodes
  • S07E13
  • What We're Fighting For
  • a year ago
ArrowCW (US)60mn8 seasons170 episodes
Ash vs Evil DeadStarz (US)30mn3 seasons30 episodes
Band of BrothersHBO (US)60mn1 seasons10 episodes
Battlestar GalacticaSyfy (US)60mn4 seasons73 episodes
Black LightningCW (US)60mn3 seasons45 episodes
  • S03E16
  • The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation
  • 2 years ago
Buffy the Vampire SlayerWB (US)60mn7 seasons143 episodes
Cloak & DaggerFreeform (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
CSI: MiamiCBS (US)60mn10 seasons232 episodes
CSI: NYCBS (US)60mn9 seasons197 episodes
DefianceSyfy (US)60mn3 seasons38 episodes
Falling SkiesTNT (US)60mn5 seasons52 episodes
ImpulseYouTube Red (US)50mn2 seasons20 episodes
  • S02E10
  • Making Amends
  • 2 years ago
JerichoCBS (US)60mn2 seasons29 episodes
Jessica JonesNetflix (US)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
JustifiedFX (US)60mn6 seasons78 episodes
Legends of TomorrowCW (US)60mn5 seasons76 episodes
  • S05E09
  • Zari, Not Zari
  • 2 years ago
LegionFX (US)60mn3 seasons27 episodes
NCISCBS (US)60mn17 seasons398 episodes
  • S17E20
  • The Arizona
  • 2 years ago
Person of InterestCBS (US)60mn5 seasons103 episodes
Prison BreakFox (US)60mn5 seasons88 episodes
RevolutionNBC (US)60mn2 seasons42 episodes
RomeHBO (US)60mn2 seasons22 episodes
ScorpionCBS (US)60mn4 seasons93 episodes
SpartacusStarz (US)60mn3 seasons33 episodes
Spartacus: Gods of the ArenaStarz (US)60mn1 seasons6 episodes
Stargate AtlantisSyfy (US)60mn5 seasons100 episodes
Stargate SG-1Showtime (US)60mn10 seasons213 episodes
SupergirlCBS (US)60mn5 seasons103 episodes
  • S05E16
  • Alex in Wonderland
  • 2 years ago
The FlashCW (US)60mn6 seasons129 episodes
  • S06E15
  • The Exorcism of Nash Wells
  • 2 years ago
The Last KingdomBBC2 (UK)60mn4 seasons36 episodes
  • S04E10
  • Episode 10
  • a year ago
The Last Man on EarthFox (US)30mn4 seasons67 episodes
VikingsHistory (US)60mn6 seasons79 episodes
  • S06E10
  • The Best Laid Plans
  • 2 years ago
XIII: The SeriesReelz (US)60mn2 seasons26 episodes
Z NationSyfy (US)60mn5 seasons68 episodes

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