TV ShowsWith genre "fantasy"

A Discovery of WitchesSky One (UK)60mn2 seasons16 episodes
  • S02E08
  • Episode 8
  • a year ago
American GodsStarz (US)60mn2 seasons16 episodes
  • S02E08
  • Moon Shadow
  • 3 years ago
Buffy the Vampire SlayerWB (US)60mn7 seasons143 episodes
CharmedWB (US)60mn8 seasons178 episodes
Game of ThronesHBO (US)60mn8 seasons73 episodes
Heroes RebornNBC (US)60mn1 seasons13 episodes
LostABC (US)60mn6 seasons121 episodes
Lost GirlShowcase (CA)60mn5 seasons77 episodes
LuciferNetflix (US)60mn4 seasons67 episodes
  • S04E10
  • Who's da New King of Hell?
  • 3 years ago
MisfitsE4 (UK)60mn5 seasons37 episodes
PreacherAMC (US)60mn4 seasons43 episodes
Sleepy HollowFox (US)60mn4 seasons62 episodes
SupernaturalCW (US)60mn15 seasons320 episodes
  • S15E13
  • Destiny's Child
  • 2 years ago
The FlashCW (US)60mn6 seasons129 episodes
  • S06E15
  • The Exorcism of Nash Wells
  • 2 years ago
The LeftoversHBO (US)60mn3 seasons28 episodes
The Shannara ChroniclesMTV (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
True BloodHBO (US)60mn7 seasons80 episodes

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