TV ShowsWith genre "mystery"

12 MonkeysSyfy (US)60mn4 seasons47 episodes
24Fox (US)60mn9 seasons204 episodes
American GodsStarz (US)60mn2 seasons16 episodes
  • S02E08
  • Moon Shadow
  • 2 years ago
ArrowCW (US)60mn8 seasons170 episodes
BlindspotNBC (US)60mn4 seasons89 episodes
  • S04E22
  • The Gang Gets Gone
  • 2 years ago
BonesFox (US)60mn12 seasons246 episodes
CarterBravo (CA)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
  • S02E10
  • Harley Takes a Bow
  • a year ago
CastleABC (US)60mn8 seasons173 episodes
CharmedWB (US)60mn8 seasons178 episodes
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCBS (US)60mn16 seasons337 episodes
CSI: MiamiCBS (US)60mn10 seasons232 episodes
CSI: NYCBS (US)60mn9 seasons197 episodes
Desperate HousewivesABC (US)60mn8 seasons180 episodes
Devious MaidsLifetime (US)60mn4 seasons49 episodes
DexterShowtime (US)60mn8 seasons96 episodes
Doctor WhoBBC1 (UK)45mn12 seasons147 episodes
  • S12E10
  • The Timeless Children
  • a year ago
FringeFox (US)60mn5 seasons100 episodes
HannibalNBC (US)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
HomelandShowtime (US)60mn8 seasons96 episodes
  • S08E12
  • Prisoners of War
  • a year ago
House, M.D.Fox (US)60mn8 seasons176 episodes
How to Get Away with MurderABC (US)60mn6 seasons90 episodes
  • S06E15
  • TBA
  • a year ago
JerichoCBS (US)60mn2 seasons29 episodes
Kyle XYABC Family (US)60mn3 seasons43 episodes
Law & OrderNBC (US)60mn20 seasons456 episodes
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitNBC (US)60mn21 seasons478 episodes
  • S21E20
  • The Things We Have to Lose
  • a year ago
LostABC (US)60mn6 seasons121 episodes
Major CrimesTNT (US)60mn6 seasons105 episodes
MediumNBC (US)60mn7 seasons130 episodes
NCISCBS (US)60mn17 seasons398 episodes
  • S17E20
  • The Arizona
  • a year ago
NCIS: Los AngelesCBS (US)60mn11 seasons262 episodes
  • S11E22
  • Code of Conduct
  • a year ago
NYPD BlueABC (US)60mn12 seasons261 episodes
Person of InterestCBS (US)60mn5 seasons103 episodes
PreacherAMC (US)60mn4 seasons43 episodes
Pretty Little LiarsABC Family (US)60mn7 seasons160 episodes
Prison BreakFox (US)60mn5 seasons88 episodes
ScreamMTV (US)60mn3 seasons28 episodes
  • S03E06
  • Endgame
  • 2 years ago
Sense8Netflix (US)60mn2 seasons22 episodes
Sharp ObjectsHBO (US)60mn1 seasons8 episodes
Sleepy HollowFox (US)60mn4 seasons62 episodes
SupernaturalCW (US)60mn15 seasons320 episodes
  • S15E13
  • Destiny's Child
  • a year ago
Terra NovaFox (US)60mn1 seasons13 episodes
The 100CW (US)60mn7 seasons85 episodes
  • S07E01
  • From the Ashes
  • a year ago
The AmericansFX (US)60mn6 seasons75 episodes
The CloserTNT (US)60mn7 seasons109 episodes
The ExpanseSyfy (US)60mn4 seasons46 episodes
  • S04E10
  • Cibola Burn
  • a year ago
The Good WifeCBS (US)60mn7 seasons156 episodes
The LeftoversHBO (US)60mn3 seasons28 episodes
The MentalistCBS (US)60mn7 seasons151 episodes
The OANetflix (US)60mn2 seasons16 episodes
True BloodHBO (US)60mn7 seasons80 episodes
True DetectiveHBO (US)60mn3 seasons24 episodes
  • S03E08
  • Now Am Found
  • 2 years ago
Under the DomeCBS (US)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
UtopiaChannel 4 (UK)60mn2 seasons12 episodes
Wayward PinesFox (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
XIII: The SeriesReelz (US)60mn2 seasons26 episodes

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