TV ShowsWith genre "sci-fi"

12 MonkeysSyfy (US)60mn4 seasons47 episodes
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC (US)60mn7 seasons136 episodes
  • S07E13
  • What We're Fighting For
  • a year ago
Altered CarbonNetflix (US)60mn2 seasons18 episodes
  • S02E08
  • Broken Angels
  • 2 years ago
ArrowCW (US)60mn8 seasons170 episodes
Battlestar GalacticaSyfy (US)60mn4 seasons73 episodes
Black LightningCW (US)60mn3 seasons45 episodes
  • S03E16
  • The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation
  • 2 years ago
Black MirrorNetflix (US)60mn5 seasons21 episodes
  • S05E03
  • Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too
  • 2 years ago
BrainDeadCBS (US)60mn1 seasons13 episodes
Cloak & DaggerFreeform (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
CounterpartStarz (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
DaredevilNetflix (US)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
Dark MatterSpace (CA)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
DefianceSyfy (US)60mn3 seasons38 episodes
Doctor WhoBBC1 (UK)45mn12 seasons147 episodes
  • S12E10
  • The Timeless Children
  • 2 years ago
Doctor Who (1963)BBC1 (UK)45mn26 seasons696 episodes
EurekaSyfy (US)60mn5 seasons76 episodes
Falling SkiesTNT (US)60mn5 seasons52 episodes
FringeFox (US)60mn5 seasons100 episodes
HeroesNBC (US)60mn4 seasons78 episodes
HumansChannel 4 (UK)60mn3 seasons24 episodes
ImpulseYouTube Red (US)50mn2 seasons20 episodes
  • S02E10
  • Making Amends
  • 2 years ago
iZombieCW (US)60mn5 seasons71 episodes
JerichoCBS (US)60mn2 seasons29 episodes
Jessica JonesNetflix (US)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
Kyle XYABC Family (US)60mn3 seasons43 episodes
Legends of TomorrowCW (US)60mn5 seasons76 episodes
  • S05E09
  • Zari, Not Zari
  • a year ago
LegionFX (US)60mn3 seasons27 episodes
LimitlessCBS (US)60mn1 seasons22 episodes
LostABC (US)60mn6 seasons121 episodes
Lost in SpaceNetflix (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
  • S02E10
  • Ninety-Seven
  • 2 years ago
MarsNational Geographic (US)60mn2 seasons12 episodes
  • S02E06
  • The Shakeup
  • 3 years ago
MediumNBC (US)60mn7 seasons130 episodes
Minority ReportFox (US)60mn1 seasons10 episodes
MisfitsE4 (UK)60mn5 seasons37 episodes
Person of InterestCBS (US)60mn5 seasons103 episodes
RevolutionNBC (US)60mn2 seasons42 episodes
Rick and MortyAdult Swim (US)30mn4 seasons36 episodes
  • S04E05
  • Rattlestar Ricklactica
  • 2 years ago
SalvationCBS (US)60mn2 seasons26 episodes
Sense8Netflix (US)60mn2 seasons22 episodes
SmallvilleCW (US)60mn10 seasons217 episodes
Stargate AtlantisSyfy (US)60mn5 seasons100 episodes
Stargate SG-1Showtime (US)60mn10 seasons213 episodes
Stargate UniverseSyfy (US)60mn2 seasons40 episodes
SupergirlCBS (US)60mn5 seasons103 episodes
  • S05E16
  • Alex in Wonderland
  • 2 years ago
Terra NovaFox (US)60mn1 seasons13 episodes
The 100CW (US)60mn7 seasons85 episodes
  • S07E01
  • From the Ashes
  • a year ago
The ExpanseSyfy (US)60mn4 seasons46 episodes
  • S04E10
  • Cibola Burn
  • 2 years ago
The FirstHulu (US)60mn1 seasons8 episodes
The FlashCW (US)60mn6 seasons129 episodes
  • S06E15
  • The Exorcism of Nash Wells
  • 2 years ago
The Handmaid's TaleHulu (US)60mn3 seasons36 episodes
  • S03E13
  • Mayday
  • 2 years ago
The Last Man on EarthFox (US)30mn4 seasons67 episodes
The RainNetflix (US)45mn2 seasons14 episodes
  • S02E06
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 years ago
The Shannara ChroniclesMTV (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
TravelersShowcase (CA)60mn3 seasons34 episodes
Under the DomeCBS (US)60mn3 seasons39 episodes
UtopiaChannel 4 (UK)60mn2 seasons12 episodes
VABC (US)60mn2 seasons22 episodes
Wayward PinesFox (US)60mn2 seasons20 episodes
WestworldHBO (US)60mn3 seasons27 episodes
  • S03E08
  • Crisis Theory
  • a year ago
Z NationSyfy (US)60mn5 seasons68 episodes

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